‘…how will I ever know if I have reached the horizon? There will always be a horizon waiting.’

11 10 ’15 (notes from diary)

An intermedia artist living in New Delhi, India, and faculty at O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat.

sonam’s practice spans through various niches which broadly involve experiential, immersive, psychological experiments challenging the constructs of Time and Memory. The immersive temporality of a space, how it molds a memory and the ways through which we perceive each other and details of our surroundings, are embodied in her works. They materialise through immersive video-aural installations, film-essay, sound, found objects, artist’s books, ephemeral mediums like kajal, automated-calling system and instruction-based art, among others. She tries to make the viewers conscious of their act of looking or engaging with her work, confronting them to their present, and leaving them with an unsettling feeling of what they are doing while experiencing her works; without taking them into the past or future, she lets them just linger in the present, now, while reading these words. Layers of psychological, emotional and relational time and memory overlap constantly, where individual as well as collective experiences are formed and elevated through her affective works.

¨The question for me always is how can I make you aware of your own activity of looking, instead of loosing your attention to thoughts about what it is that you are looking at.¨ – Uta Barth.

In her recent works, sonam has tried to capture different textures of time and memory by moving away from the tangible mediums of art. This is attempted by accumulating experiences and inserting memories in others’ lives by creating events through instructions (occurrences, 2018); instruction being an intangible medium of provocation. Can the thin line between art and life be transgressed? How can art be purely experiential and become one with our daily life experiences?

The intention is not to reach at a definite conclusion, but to emphasise on certain mundane experiences, to be conscious and observe minutely.