Sleep experiment: automated-calling system

Duration: 2’15”


created for apple in dream mode at Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai, India

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This project titled esclapse, was created for the show apple in dream mode curated by John Xaviers at Mumbai Art Room. It is a sleep experiment only accessed by people visiting the gallery where they fill a Google form in a laptop. The form requires to fill-in their contact number, e-mail ID, sleep timings and other details related to their sleeping habits. They receive the sound work on their phone through an automated calling system, which calls them at their particular sleeping time filled in the form. Here, the sound is an artwork which the listener experiences in her/his personal space outside the boundaries of the art gallery.

The sound piece played in the automated call:

esclapse is a neological term to define the transition from waking life to sleep. During the slow fall into sleep, there is a lapse in the conscious which is not completely conscious while awake, not conscious in dream state and not even fully unconscious.

In esclapse, I’m questioning and pushing the thin line between art and life by intervening into the audience’s personal space of sleep and/or dream. This process involves creating fictional memories and visuals through words. The sound inhabits the esclapse, and lies floating within the undream. It allows for verbally constructed visuals to affect the dreams of the listener; the threshold of waking life and sleep opens a narrow gap for the words to flow and absorb in the conscious of the listener.

You can participate in this interactive work by filling the form here.

People who miss the call are e-mailed a link to an alternate sound piece called missed sound:

Selected call recordings: