Site-specific interactive installation

Kohl (kajal)

Dimensions: scattered


Display at What About Art? Residency, Mumbai, India.

Impressions was created during my residency at What About Art?, Mumbai, India.

Here, I’ve used kajal and it’s property of erasure to form words and erase their meanings through audience interaction. These words are written on floor, and as people walk on them they get smudged and transferred on the path the person takes, making a trail of its reminiscence till it exhausts. These words were written in different artists’ studios.

They are mainly chosen to create a parallel between their meaning and the sense deriving from the erasure of their meaning. For instance, what does it mean when MEMORY is erased, or when PRESENTIMENT is erased with the very first step one takes to enter the studio? Or when DEVOUR is devoured by continuous contact? When MONOTONY becomes a realisation of taking a pause from one’s routine to go to the washroom and the word gets erased, and eventually becomes a part of this monotony? How can a word say something more from its visual than its already apparent meaning?

The display included an immersive effect of flickering light, where a bulb was attached behind the fan to create a flicker in the room. This became a visual element adding to the experience of viewing all the works.