Time, Thoughts Incoherent

                         Time, Thoughts


Installation with Sound and Artist’s Book

Duration: timeless

For Building Bridges Project




Artist’s book:

The purpose of this audio-visual installation is to disorient the listener, to confuse them through the intimacy of the voice, the small scale of the book displayed in the corner with intricately detailed photographs. It is an experiment on the psychology of the listener in reaction to sound and images; it is concentrated on time- the words and images chosen signify a passing of time, an absence in presence. It uses the pastiche of audio-visual meanings to disorient and distort the memory of the listener. The peculiarity of this photobook is the incorporation of the physical binding as the primary tool to distort the visual meanings. The images are printed simply as a spread but during binding each photo is folded into half and stacked one on top of another to centre-staple them. When they open, the photo crosses over to the other side of the book and is only visible half, with the other half as another image.

The work is rendering the memory towards incoherence by overfeeding the brain with meanings, mixing visual, temporal and experiential contexts, which interrupt psychological projections of segregated, singular and linear time, like when we want to contextualize our past we put it within the frame of a singular linear timeline. On the contrary, when we really try to recall our childhood, it seems incoherent and fragmented. Similarly, while recalling dreams the visuals, context, feelings, everything gets tangled, it is as if we are still living it, as if it was right here and now; it becomes a pastiche of all past memories layered on the present. The corner of the room as a site plays a crucial role to draw the listener in and immerse them within the overall intimate experience of the installation and isolating them from the surroundings.

Images from the display: