Untitled I

Untitled I

Artist’s book

Needle etching on paper



The word ‘NOW’ is written on every page with needle, starting from the first page, and as I progress from page to page I rewrite the same word on top of the previous word in ascending number of times. This results into a scratched out, illegible form where the word, due to repetition, disappears by the end of the book. Later, the process is reversed such that the book begins with the completely scratched form, and slowly the word emerges as you flip towards the end. It is a visual form of Semantic Satiation (also semantic saturation).

One cannot capture the present- now, it is slippery. I try to concentrate on now while writing ‘now’, but fail again and again at attempting to touch something intangible. This book is an embodiment of my failed attempt, and yet this very aspect of failure makes it important. It shows a desperation to reach the horizon only to realise that there’ll always be another horizon waiting. I can not comprehend ‘now’, but I can comprehend its incomprehensibility, the flux of the moment.