pixel:dust- a series of lexicons
edition 1/Siu:Yeh (宵)-- by the screenlight

Multimedia folder and Artist book

With contributions from- Merve Ertufan (Turkey), Oisin Moran (Ireland), Merv Espina (Philippines), Suvani Suri (India)

2022 – Work-in-progress

This is a Foundation Project implemented by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) under the Arts Practice programme, made possible with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment Fund.

In the last decade-or-so, the usage and adaption of digital technologies have lead to shifts in the contemporary society at an unprecedented scale. They’ve not only superseded and infiltrated every aspect of our lives, but caused new social, cultural, political, behavioral and biological changes and conditions we are trying to understand with every passing day. Our existing vocabulary, and the pace at which it is able to update, are unable to meet with the speed at which these changes are occurring.

Pixel:dust is a project intended to give a vocabulary to the new temporal shifts linked to the digital spaces we inhabit, their effects on the lived-time within and outside the screen/ digital devices and their resulting affect on the pace of the everyday. 

The term Pixel:dust is coined to define the time of the virtual realm as a parallel stream to the physical but differing in many ways. It takes the smallest units of visible matter as dust and digital screens as pixels, to highlight and link both the simultaneities inhabited by us. This will be the first edition of Pixel:dust – called Siu:yeh with a focus on the deferral of the night caused by digital technologies, with contributions from four artist-friends from different backgrounds and geographies, attempting at building the lexicon with their own contexts of practicing and associating with their specific social, cultural and political ambits.

As part of the project, there have been two late-night gatherings in New Delhi, India. One with first draft and another as a listening-party where people were invited to collaborate to a playlist of the night: Pink Noise

Documentation of both the gatherings: