2031 Timewaves: sedimental analysis of microsites in the aftermath of the volatile waves

Speculative Fiction Art
Text, Photographs, multiform readings

2031 Timewaves is a fictional premise, contrived in the format of an article-cum-report published by a young geologist who, having interned at the Department of Geological Survey (DOGS) in Nepal, sets out in the pursuit of studying and uncovering the truth behind ‘microsites’ through samples (sediments) collected by her. As the reader looks at the photographs and reads through the captions and her semi-objective account of the incidents, the narrative unfolds into what occurred in 2031 and continues as she writes. She builds up on detailed metaphors, absurd anecdotes and scientific speculations to support her account of a sudden and strange temporal calamity, while zooming out into a world of numbers, maps and graphs strengthening the veracity of the narrative. The report looks back at a current event that is unfolding in real time while being located in our real-time’s future, not-so-far, not-so-unbelievable—a foreseeable and plausible reality.

All the characters, places, calculations, graphs and reference-list are fictional or fictionally placed to secure the story. 

Readings at first draft pop-up show in April 2023, three readings over consecutive days with altercations in the narrative: