Trickling condensed contingencies of a viscous time/ Receptator II



Sound installation


Sound shower + text


00:08:30 (on loop)



A viscosity of time trickles from a sound shower where words, as tactile temporal objects, fall out of the mouth onto the listening body, sticking and slipping on/through the clothes, skin, visceral crevices before scattering on the ground. As Sartre described the viscosity of life through the embodied and visceral experience of ‘nausea’, time holds the same viscosity that has intensities of condensed, wet, lubricated and nauseating contingencies.

tender time trickle tongue touch // tipping point towards time // uncanny time // slimy time // time mucous // gluey, sticky, lubricated // thin, soft, slippery // time like sponge // porous trickling wet // silent, slow time // time lapse // leaps in time // falling, dizzy // osmosis of time// acidic, toxic time // biting // chewy // meat, flesh, blood // time like bones // hard, shell // crustation // crispy, fragile, brittle time // sharp edged // needle prick entering flesh // oozing time // spilling // cold, ice // shivering time /

Display at Watermans Art Centre, London (click to expand) ~