Knots in Time

Knots in Time

Installation- thread, video, photographs

Dimensions: variable

2017- (work always in progress)

Display at What About Art Residency, Mumbai, India

[wpvideo atUTqhmT]

DSC_0053 copy

This work, when photographed, consisted of four months of fragmented moments. Each knot denotes a moment and the thread becomes a physical embodiment of time. The process is documented through a video which is slowed down to the extreme of fragmentation, and equates with the fragmented moments captured in the thread. Stills from the video are printed in life-size of my fingers and displayed as a continuous line on the wall, and one has to walk through to see them, just like the journey the thread has taken to reach here.

display at WAA Residency:dsc_0001.jpg

This accumulation of time by knotting the thread has a ritualistic and performative gesture; similar to the process of counting beads of a rosary, or circumambulating a particular no. of times around a tree or a temple. It also resembles the behaviour of a person with OCD who has to touch a thing a particular no. of times or walk in a particular manner to dodge the edges of the tiles. These repetitions are seen in different aspects of life and in varying intensities, at some places they get connected to culture and get accepted as normal, while otherwise they become peculiar. The gesture of knotting attracts a lot of attention in public spheres due to its obvious resemblance. My personal moments, when touched by a viewer’s perception, branch out to many social and cultural processes, which though unintended become a part of my work and add to it; which I find very intriguing.

The ball of thread will keep reducing as the knots keep adding, but the process will not end with the thread as I’ll keep adding more thread; hence time keeps growing with the work. The gestures of my hands will constantly change to adapt to the increasing size of the lump of knotted thread. As seen in the above image the colour of the knotted thread also changes as it wears out due to human touch, collecting sweat and dirt in the process.