Artist book

Kohl on acrylic sheets, acid free paper, handbound

Marks collected on pages

9” x 9”


marginalia (marginal notes) is an interactive and tactile form of note-making, marking or leaving traces onto a book through the embodied process of transference between the reader and the book. The acrylic covers are smudged with kohl (kajal). The work is not only disseminated by touching the kohl and carrying it on one’s hands, but also while surveying the pages of the book it is transferred and collected inside to make accidental (and later deliberate) drawings with every flip. There is a simultaneous dissemination and collection at play. The process is only revealed after one surveys the book- while touching to flip from the covers thereby encountering and making the marks. 
marginalia is also an extension of the idea that the act of reading creates a new world with and within each reader, leaving an impression on the reader as well as on the experience of the book; it is never the same with each person and time.
(The work was re-titled in 2023 from its original title – Untitled II)