Single channel video/ immersive installation

Duration: timeless



The word NOW appears and dissolves in a red background, as soon as it dissolves it leaves an after-image, which is present yet absent and becomes the central element in the video due to the contrast of its subtlety with the overwhelming red background, and the never-ending repetition. The red colour creates an immersive environment. The present cannot be defined or captured, it is ephemeral, just like this after-image. The after-image refers to the present moment, not from the perspective of the mechanical clock, but as a being in itself with its own varied nature, taking different forms, abstract and fluid. Now is ambiguous, appearing to be between past and future, but deceiving us with its illusive presence, an intangible experience which is, but yet not present. It can only be sensed subtly, like this after-image, like touching the surface of a river without wetting your fingers.