Time, Thoughts Incoherent

Installation with Sound and Artist’s Book

Duration: timeless

For Building Bridges Project


A word is folded, reversed, stacked, jumbled, turned upside-down and stretched to its extremes, rendering the spoken word within an elastic thread of time– tangible , incoherent- seducing the listener to toy and fiddle with it. The spoken words are from my diary- recorded, fragmented, reversed and interspersed with moments of silence and unease.

The sound is accompanied by an artist book (photo-book) as part of a minutiae-installation of incoherent time & thoughts- words & images. The intention is to disorient the listener through the intimacy of the voice, the small scale of the book displayed in the corner with intricately detailed photographs. It is concentrated on time- the words and images chosen signify a passing of time, an absence in presence. It uses the pastiche of audio-visual meanings to disorient and distort the memory of the listener. The incoherence also manifests through the physical binding of the book; the images are printed simply as a spread but during binding each photo is folded into half and stacked one on top of another to create the book. When they open, a photo crosses over to the other side of the book and is only visible half, with the other half as another image.

It was displayed each time in the corner of a room with headphones– at Art Konsult (Delhi), Art Multi-disciplines (Kolkata), Gallery Samukha, (Bangalore) and Mumbai Art Room (Mumbai) in 2018 and later at Old Tourist Burma Building (Yangon, Myanmar) in 2019.